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Welcome to Angel Wing Airways

At Angel Wing Airways we believe that life is comprised of memories and experiences. Some may live a few years that were worth a 100.  And some may live a 100 years that were never really lived at all.  We all live by the same rules and we’ll all leave this world someday.  Some are fortunate enough to have more time then others to experience life to the fullest.


At Angel Wing Airways we are here to help the children or individuals who never have had that opportunity or may not be physically able to experience new adventures or visit old familiar places.  With new cutting edge technologies we’re able to bring the outside world inside to the individuals that can not leave their homes, hospitals or even their beds. 


Through sight, sound, touch and even smell we can bring the endless possibilities of the world to them.  Hopefully by doing this we’ll be able to compress years of priceless memories, experiences and adventures into hours , minutes or even seconds. While letting them feel like they're not in the hospital anymore.


We’ll take you where your body can not.

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